Nerush™ is the ideal product for anyone who wants to achieve their optimum health and weight, and provides everything that a nutritious protein supplement drink mix should. Made with only the finest ingredients under strict manufacturing guidelines, Nerush™ is the ultimate tool to keep your body healthy as you work towards your goals. Nerush™ was scientifically formulated with today’s busy lifestyle in mind, to provide convenient nourishment that can be enjoyed anywhere at any time.

  • 17-18 grams of bioavailable whey protein per serving

  • Two delicious flavors to choose from (Vanilla Shake and Berry Smoothie)

  • Only 110-180 calories per serving

  • Blended with essential B vitamins and minerals

  • Helps reduce food cravings with garcinia cambogia for weight management

  • Supports healthy metabolism and energy levels

  • Provides nutrients for a healthy nervous system

  • Contains magnesium to help support muscle health and the GI elimination of toxins (Gastrointestinal = GI)

  • Includes vitamin C to maintain blood sugars and strong tissue

  • Added chromium for positive utilization of sugar production in the body’s cells