Introducing Nerush™!

Fueling the Body, Head-to-Toe

We require great nutrition to achieve great results with our lives, and this includes consuming high-quality protein throughout the day in order for us to keep pace with our goals and ambitions. Not only do we need lean muscle mass to stay healthy and fit, it is essential to fuel muscles with protein to keep the body’s metabolic rate going at a sufficient pace.

Available in two delicious flavors, Berry Smoothie and Vanilla Shake, Nerush™ is not only a nutritious drink, but a tasty treat as well. Simply add 1 packet to 8 ounces of water and enjoy a satisfying protein-based drink. Just one serving of Nerush™ provides:

  • 17-18 grams of bioavailable whey protein

  • 9 essential amino acids

  • Essential fats, vitamins and minerals

  • Only 110-180 calories per serving

Anywhere, anytime, Nerush™ is the perfect solution for the busy, health-conscious body on the go.


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